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Seminars & Community Education

Weather looks good! Silver Falls State Park, Saturday, May 28 2005, 10AM. 8:45 AM at High School Pharmacy if interested in car pooling. See you there!

  1. Good weather: Silver Falls State Park, South Falls (main) parking lot. There is a $3 charge per vehicle, so consider carpooling.
  2. Bad weather: Tryon Creek State Park, meet in the visitors' center. By the time we meet, there may also be a day-use fee here.

Silver Falls Directions

Take I-205 to Park Place exit, SR-211. Stay on SR-211 to Silverton. In downtown Silverton, turn onto SR-214 and proceed to Silver Falls State Park. Go past the North Falls and Winter Falls parking area; turn into the South Falls parking area and park as close to the lodge as possible.

Alternatively, take I-5 to Woodburn, and take SR-214 through Silverton to Silver Falls State Park.

Tryon Creek Directions

Take SR-43 north from West Linn, through Lake Oswego. Turn left on Terwilliger. Proceed to Tryon Creek State Park, on left. Meet in the day lodge.

Class notes and stuff

  • Photoshop For Photographers
  • Art and Science of Photography
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