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The Bytesmiths Editions Newsletter May 2000


Who Are You, and Why Are You Bothering Me?

Bytesmiths is hoped to become a functional anarchy of artists, photographers, and crafts persons devoted to producing high-quality, archival, limited-edition art reproductions through the use of computer technology. But for now, it's Jan Steinman as sole proprietor, because Oregon doesn't have a check-box labelled "functional anarchy" on its business registration form. :-)

Currently, I'm supplying both the working capital and the majority of the art (in the form of photography), but I expect that to change over the next year or so, as I collaborate with more artists.

In a previous incarnation, Bytesmiths was a software consulting company, specializing in a pioneering computer language called Smalltalk. Partly because of the stupidity of the Smalltalk vendors, and partly because of the increasing consolidation of the software industry (with the dominant player now legally declared a monopoly), I personally feel software is no longer a very interesting field. Wiring together buggy Microsoft APIs is not my idea of neither craft, nor art.

(I don't mean to slight any of you who continue to be creatively challenged by writing software; it simply no longer works for me.)

So like Phoenix rising from the ashes, Bytesmiths has metamorphosed into something entirely different. I hope to synergize my computer and photography backgrounds into something that is creative, satisfying, and hopefully somewhat profitable.

So why am I bothering you? You:

  1. are a friend, relative, customer, or have already "opted in" to receive this newsletter, or
  2. have previously subscribed to The Bytesmiths Report, or
  3. have personally been selected as someone who might be interested.

If you haven't already asked to get this, you MUST reply to remain on this new mailing list.

Those of you who have been receiving The Bytesmiths Report (on Smalltalk software development) know that I try to provide useful information, along with the inevitable soft-pedaled marketing information. I plan to continue that tradition with this newsletter. I hope you'll join me!


I'm happy to announce that we'll be offering sterling silver wire jewelry and other crafts, hand made by Carol Wagner, doing business as Crafted By Carol. I will be hosting her website in the near future, and may be featuring some of Carol's work in our macro photography. (This link will not be working for several weeks. It's ready except for foot-dragging by the local telco.)

I'm actively seeking other artists of all media to work with on quality limited edition reproductions. I'm currently negotiating with two large-media artists and one nationally renown art museum for reproduction rights. Watch this space for news!

On The Road Again...

(Thanks to Gretchen Contreras for not letting me get that tune out of my head. :-)

Together with Crafted By Carol jewelry, we're planning a busy summer schedule of arts and crafts fairs throughout the Pacific Northwest. If you happen to be in one of these locations at the right time, please stop by to see our prints and to say "hello!"

  • May 20-21 (Saturday-Sunday): Molalla Spring Fling Festival of Art 2000, Molalla, Oregon, about 30 minutes south of Portland.
  • June 17 (Saturday): Heart Gallery Wine Tasting, 7912 SE 13th St, Portland (Sellwood), Oregon.
  • June 23-25 (Friday-Sunday): Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, about 15 minutes south of Portland.
  • June 30 - July 2 (Friday-Sunday): Art and the Vineyard, Eugene, Oregon, about 3 hours south of Portland.
  • July 1-4 (Saturday-Tuesday): Mall in the Park, Molalla, Oregon, about 30 minutes south of Portland.
  • July 8-9 (Saturday-Sunday): Bend Summer Festival, Bend, Oregon, about 3 hours southeast of Portland.
  • August 5-6 (Saturday-Sunday): Nehalem Art Festival, Nehalem, Oregon, about 90 minutes southwest of Portland, on the Pacific coast.
  • August 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday): Rockaway Beach Arts & Crafts Fair, about 90 minutes southwest of Portland, on the Pacific coast.
  • (Alternate) August 19 (Saturday): 2000 Festival of the Arts, Harbor, Oregon, about 6 hours southwest of Portland, on the Pacific coast.
  • September 1-30: exclusive showing of some 30 prints in the Streff Gallery, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, Oregon, about 20 minutes south of Portland.
  • September 16-17 (Saturday-Sunday): Rockaway Beach Autumn Festival, about 90 minutes southwest of Portland, on the Pacific Coast.
  • September 30 - October 1 (Saturday-Sunday): Portland Open Studios, an open house of our own studio, along with those of some 30 other Portland-area artists.


What kind of media do you want to receive in this newsletter? Reading about art is almost as boring as watching someone read, and I'd like to include some interesting images and other media with this newsletter.

However, I realize you may not appreciate getting pictures and other stuff in your bloated "In" box, so help me out here!

If you care about such things (and wish to stay on this mailing list), please reply with one of the following in the "Subject:" line:

  • PLAIN TEXT this means you only want to get plain text messages, with NO attachments, pictures, or font changes -- just like this message.
  • RICH TEXT this means you don't mind font/format changes, but don't want to get pictures or other stuff.
  • PICTURES this means you can tolerate a smallish JPEG picture or two in mailings, but not much else.
  • MIXED MEDIA this means you don't mind getting reasonably-sized pictures (1024 wide), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) files, small QuickTime movies or panoramas, or possibly even short MP3 audio in your mail.
  • DON'T KNOW this means you have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't be embarrased! Feel free to reply by saying what software you use to read email, and how fast your connection is (dial-up modem, cable modem, DSL, or fast connection at the office, etc.). If you don't even know any of that, you can reply with a few subjective words about how you hate waiting for email to download, or love seeing pictures, etc.

You can put other comments in the body of your message if you like.

And if you don't care, don't reply, and let those who care decide!

The Bytesmiths Editions Newsletter is published via email, and is Copyright 2000, Bytesmiths(R). This entire email may be forwarded without change to other parties without prior permission, but other use of this material without prior permission is restricted. Such permission will not be unreasonably withheld -- just let us know what you want to do with it, please! Bytesmiths is a registered trademark. Various other product names are trademarked by their respective companies -- you know who they are!

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It is not my intention to annoy anyone with this electronic communication, which is now a Federal Crime under HR 3402, signed into law by George W. Bush on 5 January 2006.