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The Bytesmiths Editions Newsletter September 2000


And The Winner Is...

(drum roll, please) Susie Kozawa, of Seattle, Washington! Susie wins an in-stock open edition print of her choice this month.

We met Susie at the West Seattle Art, Nature, Literature Festival, where she and her troupe of performance artists gave a haunting presentation, combining ambient sound with elements of improvisational Japanese buto dance.

As if reluctantly drawn by an inexplicable force, the performers started at the edges of the grassy field, slowly making their way through the audience to the stage while making small, but distinct noises with various objects. The effect was provocative: simultaneously invoking wonder and foreboding.

After her performance, Susie found her way to our booth, where we chatted about imagery that might work with her art. It would be interesting to work with her someday!

Remember, YOU may be the winner next month! Each month, I'm giving away a FREE signed, open-edition print in an acid-free mat, ready for framing, to a random email newsletter subscriber. The winner selects from any print currently in stock. (Winners are ineligible to win again for a year.) Friends, relatives, and Bytesmiths employees, er, I mean "volunteer helpers," ARE eligible to win -- heck, without them, I wouldn't have much of a mailing list!

Price Protection Policy

This being my first year trying to sell art, I'm still working on my business model. It's tough to strike a balance between counting on selling just a few, high-priced items, and becoming a mere publisher, selling volume at low margin, but having little time for anything but production.

I'm still trying to hit that "sweet spot" where my art is a good value to my patrons, yet allows me time and energy to produce new art. To that end, I may be changing my pricing structure in the near future.

As a "thank you" to those who have supported my work through the summer -- not to mention avoiding any disincentive to anyone contemplating a purchase in the future -- I'm putting the following policy in place:

If I systematically reduce the price of a line of limited-edition art, you can make up the difference between what you paid for your print and the new price by selecting from any combination of in-stock items. I will contact registered owners in such a case with a proposed selection from current printed works.

This policy only applies to overall changes in pricing, and not to specials, sale items, price reduction of a single image, etc. Actual cost of shipping and handling of your "thank you" art is extra, or I can arrange pick-up or delivery in the Portland metro area.

Does this seem fair to you? In general, would such a policy make you more likely to purchase art? Let me know what you think! (And no, I won't ask you to pay the difference if I *raise* the price... :-)

Recent Exhibits

  • August 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday): West Seattle Art, Nature, Literature Festival.

    This wonderful festival was, unfortunately, poorly attended. It wasn't the weather's fault -- I don't know why so few people took part in this environmentally-themed event. Nancy Whitlock was a delightful organizer -- I hope that she gets more help publicizing this event next year.

    Main stage events spanned a wide variety, from free-form jazz combined with modern dance, to Shakespeare, to gospel choir, to bluegrass, to Susie's previously mentioned performance art.

    I can only hope that more people discover this unusual event next year.

  • August 26-27 (Saturday-Sunday): Nestucca Valley Artisans Art Festival, Pacific City, Oregon.

    Although there were only about 20 artisans, there was a steady flow of art lovers from all around the country. Linda, the organizer, must have arranged for tour busses to stop, since we'd often have a number of people from the same state go through at around the same time. Now my images and Carol's jewelry are enjoyed in Maryland, Iowa, Indiana, and England!

This Month

The weather is changing, and we continue our busy events schedule with some divergence from our usual arts and crafts festival happenings. As usual, we've added many new jewelry and photography items this month.

  • September 5-28 (Tuesday-Thursday): exclusive showing in the Streff Gallery, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, Oregon, about 20 minutes south of Portland.
  • September 8 (Friday) 5 PM to 9 PM: Streff Gallery reception, refreshments served.

    Carol and I will have this intimate gallery to ourselves for an entire month, and we're busy preparing. There are eight large outdoor windows in the Streff, and I'm hoping to display backlit work in each, as well as traditional opaque work on the "normal" display walls. Carol will have a display case full of her jewelry and other handiwork.

    Since this is fall break month, the gallery is only open from 9 AM to 5 PM, weekdays and Saturdays, until the 21st, when it will once again be open from 8:30 AM through 10:30 PM weekdays, 9 AM to 6 PM Saturday (23rd), and noon to 5 PM Sunday (24th).

    We're planning a reception at the Streff on Friday, September 8, from 5 PM to 9 PM, so please come down to chat if you can! Refreshments will be served.

    Marylhurst University is easily accessed from throughout the Portland Metropolitan area. It is on Highway 43, about one mile south of Lake Oswego, or about three miles north of I-205.

    The Streff Gallery is in Shoen Library, the second building from Highway 43. Park at the chapel (first building from the road) and walk the short distance to the library. Upon entering, the Streff Gallery is the first open entrance on the right. Hope to see you there!

  • September 16-17 (Saturday-Sunday): Rockaway Beach Autumn Festival, about 90 minutes southwest of Portland, on the Pacific Coast.

    I don't know anything about this event, but if you're on the coast that weekend, please stop in and say "hello!"

  • September 23-24 (Saturday-Sunday): Village of Willamette Art Fair, West Linn, Oregon, about 20 minutes south of Portland.

    This is the very first of what I hope will be many annual events. Some 30 local (Clackamas County only) artisans will be exhibiting on the west side of Willamette Falls Drive (the main street through old town Willamette) between 12th and 14th streets. There will be a music stage and an open gallery for artists who choose not to staff a booth.

    From I-205, take the 10th Street exit (exit #6). Go east (right if northbound on I-205, left if southbound) to the "T" intersection at Willamette Falls Drive. Turn right (south) and park anywhere in the next few blocks.

    It will be nice to exhibit at an art fair and sleep in our own bed for a change! Hope to see you there!

  • September 30 - October 1 (Saturday-Sunday): Portland Open Studios, an open house of our studio, along with those of some 70 other Portland-area artists. More to follow...

Portland Open Studios

This is only the second year for Portland Open Studios, and I'm excited to be involved so early in its evolution. It's a strictly voluntary, non-profit organization, and I'm involved with publicity, making hand-outs and signs for some of the artists.

Never been on a self-guided open studios tour? Here's how it works -- at least in Portland.

For $12, you purchase a "ticket" that is admission for two to all 70 studios on the tour. (Educators note: an entire class may tour on one $12 ticket.)

This "ticket" is actually a combination 16-month calendar (September 2000 through December 2001), a catalog of representative work of each of the artists, and a detailed map, with the locations of all 70 studios clearly marked.

Once you have your ticket, look through it and note the numbers of artists whose work you admire. (I'm #6, facing October 2000.)

Then highlight those numbers on the map. (Remember, #6, #6, #6... :-) Now simply connect the dots, taking care to stay on the same side of the river (for reasons mentioned below). Now you've got your own personal tour of the studios of artists whom you know have at least ONE piece you're interested in!

Artists' studios are open from 10 AM to 5 PM. No appointment or other notice is necessary -- we'll be expecting you! During the tour, artists can be expected to demonstrate their craft and to be available for questions and discussions.

I'm planning to keep the big giclee printer and drum scanner busy, and to give Photoshop demonstrations, and perhaps do some matting, framing or actual camera work, depending on what visitors are interested in. Although not officially on the tour, Carol will be demonstrating jewelry making. We'll also be serving light refreshments.

Artists on the west side of the Willamette river (that's me, #6!) open their studios on the first weekend -- September 30 and October 1 -- while artists on the east side will be open the following weekend -- October 7 and 8. Keep this in mind when plotting your tour.

(I may be talked into being open both weekends -- please call or write if you can only make it the second weekend.)

In addition to the maps, navigation will be aided with distinctive, 20" square, yellow-and-black arrow signs in artists' neighborhoods, to help you locate their studio.

"Tickets" are available at all four Art Media stores for $12, or they can be sent to your door (add $3 for shipping) directly from me, or via the Portland Open Studios website.

I think this is an outstanding opportunity for anyone interested in art to see a wide variety of it in the making -- I hope to see you then!

Top Ten Titles

Here is a "Letterman-style" list of our most popular images, based on sales of all media combined, from 75 cent postcards to huge, custom-sized framed prints.

and the current top seller is:

The #1 spot this month is also #1 in both the postcard and open-edition backlit category, while Carol's #2 item was the biggest note-card seller.

See something you like in the "Top Ten" list? Let me know YOUR favorite!


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