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The Bytesmiths Editions Newsletter July 2002


1000 Prints Sold!
And The Winner Is...
Recent Exhibits
This Month
Future/Ongoing Events
Top Ten Titles

1000 Prints Sold!

Sometime during our early season, I sold my 1000'th print. I'm grateful to all of you -- the patrons, the ones who tell others, and those who just come by to look -- for helping me reach this landmark.

It would have been nice to have blared horns and sirens, and had a limo whisk the 1000'th print buyer off to a luxury hotel weekend, but I wasn't able to track it well enough to identify the 1000'th buyer. Maybe when the 10,000'th print rolls around... :-)

And The Winner Is...

Congratulations, David Gisborne, you've won the free print drawing this month!

David took my two-hour Intro to Digital Photography held at Canby High School, Canby, Oregon, in April 2001. I hope you've been putting your new digital photography skills to good use, David!

Each newsletter, I give away a signed, open-edition opaque print in an acid-free mat, ready for framing, to a random email newsletter subscriber. (Winners are ineligible to win again for a year.)

Recent Exhibits

This month, Carol and I departed from our usual arts-oriented events to do a couple "food and music" shows. These typically have more "eyes" than "buys," but we're always happy to have people simply enjoy our work.

We always have mixed feelings about "food and music" events. On the one hand, they attract great crowds -- a quarter-million visitors between the two, if you believe their PR machine.

On the other hand, these events treat the art/craft part of their show like an annoying relative that they have to put up. We are often stuck back in a corner, and sometimes have fewer privilages than food and music vendors.

What would be REALLY NICE (don't hold your breath) is if the arts and crafts could be between the food/music and the entrance and parking. This is how "real" art festivals, like Eugene's Art in the Vineyard or the Coupeville Festival, do it.

  • June 21-24, Taste of Beaverton, Beaverton, Oregon. It was nice to see many of our local friends at this show! Sales were slow, but at least the weather was nice. Like many other paid-admission venues, however, this one was marred by the "gate Nazis" who emptied all beverage containers entering the gate. This was ostensibly an alcohol control measure, but I think it had more to do with the exclusive contract for bottled water. Perhaps we should insist that all patrons empty their pockets of art before entering? :-)
  • June 28-30, Art a la Carte, Tacoma, Washington. Friday, it poured in Tacoma. Sullen people would stand out in the rain, peering into our tent, while we cried, "It's dry in here! Come on in!" I think they were there just to keep the weather from getting the better of them, not so much because they were interested in the event!

This Month

  • July 3 through October 14, Skylight Gallery, Clackamas, Oregon. Eight of Jan's large translucent prints are featured in the group show, titled "Natural World." Unfortunately, it is only open 9-5, Monday-Friday, but if you're in the Clackamas Town Center area during business hours, please stop in and have a look! See my Events link for more details, including a link to a map.
  • July 4, Vancouver Forth of July, Vancouver, Washington. Jan and Carol will be exhibiting before the area's largest fireworks display in the "Artworks" area, just north of Fort Vancouver.
  • July 5-6, Art in the Vineyard, Eugene, Oregon. ($5/day, $8/all, under 12 free) This festival features garden and landscape art, as well as over 100 fine artisans and crafters, the area's finest wine and beer, a substantial food court, and musical acts.
  • July 10, Second Wednesday Beading Bee, West Linn, Oregon. Carol conducts semi-private beading lessons by invitation. Contact Carol for more details.
  • July 11, Thursday, 5PM-6PM, Artists' Reception, Skylight Gallery, Clackamas, Oregon. Come meet the artists in the group show "Natural World" at this opening reception. (See above.)
  • July 12-14, Sandy Mountain Festival, Sandy, Oregon. For thirty years, this festival has entertained and delighted Sandy-area residents and visitors. Over 150 artisans grace the lovely, shaded slopes of Meinig Memorial Park for this event.
  • July 19, (Friday evening), Walk the Art Beat, Redmond, Oregon. Stroll through downtown Redmond and enjoy visual and performing artists demonstrating and showing their work in various business locations. We'll be in front of the Chamber of Commerce, 446 SW 7th Street.
  • July 25, Last Thursday, 12th & Alberta, Portland, Oregon. We're planning to park the "Van d'Art" along Alberta somewhere, displaying our work to passers-by. Drop by and say hello!
  • July 26-28, Tualatin Art Splash, Tualatin, Oregon.Hosted by the Tualatin Arts Advisory Committee, held in Tualatin Commons.

(Our complete events schedule, with links to event websites and maps to event locations, can be seen on the Events page.

Future Events

This month brings the end of our outdoor season, but also brings the beginning of our classes and other indoor events.

    • July 3 through October 14, Skylight Gallery, Clackamas, Oregon.
    • August 10-11, Coupeville Art Festival, Coupeville, Washington.
    • August 17-18, Silverton Fine Arts Festival, Silverton, Oregon.
    • August 23-25, Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival, Vancouver, Washington.
    • August 29, Last Thursday, near 12th & Alberta, Portland, Oregon.
    • September 21-22, Village of Willamette Arts Festival, West Linn, Oregon.
    • October 12-13, Portland Open Studios, West Linn, Oregon.
    • November 23, Pacific Luthern University Yule Botique, Tacoma, Washington.
    • We also have been "sidewalk exhibiting" at "First Thursday" near NW Glisan & 13th and "Last Thursday" near NE Alberta and 12th -- look for the Van d'Art!
    • August 14, Second Wednesday Beading Bee, West Linn, Oregon.
    • October 1 (Tuesday evening): Digital Photography Overview (Jan): $8. Rosemont Ridge Middle School, West Linn, Oregon.
    • October 7, 14 (two Monday evenings): Beading 1 (Carol): Rosemont Ridge Middle School, West Linn, Oregon.
    • October 8, 15, 22, 29, November 5, 12, 19, 26 (eight Tuesday evenings): Art & Science of Photography (Jan): $60. Rosemont Ridge Middle School, West Linn, Oregon.
    • October 21, 28 (two Monday evenings): Beading 2 (Carol): Rosemont Ridge Middle School, West Linn, Oregon.
    • November 4, 18 (two Monday evenings): Beading 3 (Carol): Rosemont Ridge Middle School, West Linn, Oregon.
    • October 2 (Wednesday evening): Digital Photography Overview (Jan): Canby High School, Canby, Oregon.
    • October 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20, December 4 (eight Wednesday evenings): Photoshop for Photographers (Jan): Canby High School, Canby, Oregon.

For Rosemont Ridge classes, contact West Linn/Wilsonville Community Education at 503.673.7190 to sign up.

For Canby High School classes, contact Canby Community Education at 503.266.2086 to sign up.

(Our complete events schedule, with links to events and maps to their locations, can be seen on the Events page.

Top Ten Titles

Here is a list of my most popular images, based on sales of over 1000 prints to date in all media combined, from 25 cent postcards to huge, custom-sized framed prints of nearly $700.

and the most popular image this month is:

Notably, Crater Lake Sunrise seems to be popular in Washington, where many of our early season shows have been this year. Roaming-Eye Asters also gets a boost when it is not sunny, as this print, in particular, does very well in diffused light.

Do you have a favorite image from my Top Ten Titles? Let me know what you like!


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