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Bytesmiths Editions

I produce signed, dated, numbered, registered edition large archival prints of my photography, as well as quality reproductions of compelling work from other artists of all types.

You can see my current offerings via my gallery. There are also some photographs of typical products, along with descriptions.

I currently offer quality registered edition works in three formats:

  • Translesce: These are printed on high-quality backlit film and mounted in a double-glazed, hardwood frame, for display in a variety of backlit conditions. They look wonderful when hanging in a window -- they simply glow. Standard sizes are $89 per square foot, including the frame, which features a unique hanging system enabling viewing from either side. Because this substrate is sensitive and requires special handling, these are not available un-framed. For longest life, these should not be hung where they get direct sunlight all day -- ideally, they can be hung in a window beneath a tree, where partial sunlight through the moving leaves give the prints a kinetic effect. These are signed, dated, and numbered.
  • Opaque: These are printed on high gloss polymer film, or on 100% cotton rag watercolor paper, depending on the subject material. Standard sizes are framed in factory-made frames for $49 per square foot, or as unmounted prints for $42 per square foot. These are guaranteed for the run of the edition -- if the edition is still in print, you may exchange your print at any time for a nominal shipping and handling fee. These are signed, dated, and numbered.
  • Note Card: These are 4.25" x 5.5" note cards, signed and numbered, limited to editions of 1,000 cards per image, printed on archival materials with a hand-torn edge and a brief artist's statement on the back, with a tree-free envelope. These are $4 each on the same materials used in my Limited prints. I also have open-edition, laser-printed note cards for $2.

All prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity describing the materials used and the edition policy.

Purchasers can register their prints, and Bytesmiths will maintain provenance and help customers market their prints should they decide to sell someday. Registry transfer is available for a nominal fee.

Prints of 24" x 36" and bigger come with five free limited edition note cards of the same image, if available.

These images are also available in sizes under 100 square inches (roughly 8"x12") in open edition form, which can be ordered on-line directly from the Gallery. These prints are matted on both sides, and come with a suction-cup hook for instant gratification!

You can print an order form from my brochure.

Actual cost of shipping, handling, and insurance is extra on all items.

:::: 2152 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, V8K 1Z7, Canada (map), +1 250.653.2024 ::::

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