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Product Descriptions

Here are some descriptions of typical product types. Please let me know if you have further questions!

Click on any image for a bigger view!

Frame Kit

Through bulk purchase, I can supply matte black aluminum "frame kits" for my prints at an exceptional price -- less or equal to those sold through national frame shop chains. All you need to put these together is a screwdriver and two pieces of glass (for Translesce), or a glass and backing board (for Opaque). Plus these ship easily and inexpensively, without concern over broken glass or weighty shipping charges. (Instructions included)


My matte black aluminum frames complete your print at a competitive price. Using the same materials featured in my frame kits, I finish your print with two pieces of glass (Translesce) or a front glass and backing board (opaque) to protect your print from accidental damage. Note that framed art is expensive to ship!

Lighted Fixture (coming soon!)

If you don't want to hang your Translesce in a window, there is now an alternative! I design and build these myself, to assure you of the highest quality. With your print in a lighted fixture, you can put it on a desk or bookcase, or even hang it on a wall.

Registered Prints

All images over 100 square inches (roughly, 8"x12") are registered and sequentially numbered for all sizes and materials combined. These are available in a variety of sizes and materials, from 16"x20", but to custom-sized prints up to 50" in the small dimension. All use my rich Hexachrome inkset, and all are on archival materials -- some of which are predicted to have over 120 years of museum lighting without visible changes! This is two to five times as long as traditional color photographic material. The Registered patron recieves a personalized Certificate of Authenticity, describing the materials used and the edition policy. And they are unconditionally guaranteed for the life of the edition!


Matted prints are an economical choice for those who prefer a custom frame, or if they prefer to hang my Translesce matted prints without a frame. I use only acid-free, archival materials in assembling my matted prints, and cover them in plastic for protection until you hang them. Translesce open edition prints come in black mats on both sides, with a nylon lanyard and suction-cup hook. Opaque open edition prints come hinge-mounted in a warm-white single mat.

Note Cards, Limited Edition Giclee-Printed

With the same printing techniques used to produce my opaque prints, I make note cards of outstanding quality and longevity. The back is printed with the image title and a brief story about the image, Each is signed and numbered, and comes with a tree-free envelope, in a plastic covering -- suitable for matting and framing!

Note Cards, Open Edition Laser-Printed

Although lacking the fine-art quality of my giclee-printed cards, these cards feature laser printing of excellent quality, and come complete with envelope.


My opaque 8"x12" prints are printed on an archival base with pigmented Hexachrome inkset. They are then "hinge mounted" with archival linen tape on a warm-white, archival 12"x16" mat and covered in plastic for protection. Simply remove them from the plastic, frame them, and enjoy! Or order them with my inexpensive frame kit.


With the same printing techniques used to produce my laser-printed cards, I make economical postcards of all my images. The image name is superimosed over the bottom of the image, with the image story on the back.


These popular, unusual prints are made with my standard Hexachrome inkset on a unique, fine-art quality translucent substrate. When hung in a window like stained glass, they change with the lighting, giving you a different image every hour! The open edition prints come in a double-black mat -- front and back -- with a lanyard and suction-cup hook, so you don't even have to frame them if you don't want to. But for best protection, consider an easily-assembled frame kit to dress up your print. The limited edition prints come double-glazed in a hardwood or metal frame.

You can see my current offerings via my Works In Print, either in a web page or as a screen-resolution PDF file.

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