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Custom Photography

With extensive background and equipment, I can fill most art photography needs, from jury slides or other promotional images, to exacting, gallery-quality reproduction photography.

For reproductions of over 16"x20" or so, or for light table presentation transparencies, I prefer shooting 4"x5" film, but it does take the longest to set up and properly shoot, and so is the most expensive alternative.

For website use, for brochure images, and for general use, I prefer a digital camera to save me time, and to save you money.

For certain other uses, I prefer 35mm film, using my large selection of world-class prime lenses and low-speed, fine-grained film.

I can generally shoot framed artwork right through the glass with no detectable reflection, thanks to several cross-polarazed lighting systems, and my extensive studio lighting system is suitable for most 3D art and sculpture.

I prefer doing large work at your site, or we can save the travel expenses and shoot most work at my studio. See prices and materials for details.

Macro photography is one of my specialties; with custom lighting to show off your jewelry or other small items at their best, including lighting fixtures I designed myself.

Glass photography is particularly challenging, and is another of my specialties. I've constructed custom lighting systems to get the most out of glass photography.

Regardless of the initial reason for film photography, if there is any possibility that a digital copy will be needed, I urge clients to have me scan it immediately after processing -- it will never be as free of dust and fingerprints!


  • Olympus E-3 10 Megipixel digital SLR camera and lenses from 14mm to 4800mm (35mm equivalent field of view), including seven macro lenses, suitable for fine-art use up to 9"x12" or publicity use to 12"x16".
  • Olympus E-300 8 Megipixel digital SLR camera (backup).
  • Extensive Olympus OM 35mm camera system, with Zuiko lenses from 16mm to 600mm, including six macro lenses, shift lenses, and two macro lighting systems, including cross-polarized macro lighting, suitable for shooting anything from a blimp in a hangar, to detailed jewelry work at extreme close-up, and reproducing up to 24"x36".
  • Speedotron Blackline and Brownline studio flash, nine heads, up to 10,800 watt-seconds (enough light to fill a gymnasium at f8!), cross-polarized or diffused, six-foot softboxes, a 4800 watt-second zoom spot, and assorted grip.
  • Linhof Super Technika 4"x5" large format system, with Schneider lenses in six focal lengths from 90mm to 370mm.
  • Veggie Van Gogh to move any or all of this stuff to your location, powered by vegetable oil!

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