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Materials & Prices

My Low-Price Guarantee

Sorry, there isn't one.

I periodically survey market prices for these services, and I strive to be in the bottom 20%. But I also stress the quality of my work and the support I give artists, and I won't compete with those whom I believe are charging unrealistic prices.

When you find a better price, ask them: "Will you take this back and re-do for free if I'm not satisfied? Will you patiently answer my questions and explain things to me? Would you recommend a lower-cost process or option, even if it meant losing my sale?" Your bargain might not turn out to be such a bargain!

Although I don't formally match prices, if you find a significantly better price from a quality, reputable source, I may consider lowering my price. But if your primary interest is rock-bottom pricing above quality and support, I'd encourage you to go somewhere that has less emphasis on quality and service.

Fine-Art Giclée Printing

See my fine art reproductions page for more info.

Fine-art giclee prints are made on large rolls, typically 50 inches wide by 30 to 100 feet long. These are charged by the "running inch," which is one inch high by the width of the media.Unless you require a specific size, I will work with you to make the best use of the media width.

All my work is done with archival, pigment-based, Hexachrome inks. This is a "high-fidelity" six-color process, using orange and green inks for an expanded color range.

Print prices are for properly-sized, press-ready, RGB-TIFF, ICC-tagged files, with free tiling to media width of identical images. Custom tiling of different images is at my shop rate -- typically 10-15 minutes.

Customer-supplied press-ready files are printed AS-IS, with NO WARRANTY regarding their quality. (If I do pre-press, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.)

Other necessary pre-press work is at my shop rate, billed by the minute. Typical pre-press work takes 10-30 minutes or more per image, depending on image quality and final print size.

  • BEST! $6 per running inch of 50" wide Bright White Legion Concorde 100% Cotton Rag fine art paper. This lovely 256 gsm matte paper has a great white point, yet soaks up light like a sponge to yield superb shadows and low-key detail. This is a favorite of watercolor and acrylic artists.
  • BEST! $10 per running inch of 50" wide premium translucent film, for backlit applications. (reproduction)
  • BEST! $8 per running inch of 50" wide premium supergloss opaque polyethylene film, for subjects with specular highlights. (reproduction)
  • $4 per running inch of 50" wide Tyvek, suitable for banners. (Hemming and grommetting also available.) (reproduction)
  • $4 per running inch of 50" wide 150 gsm matte paper, an economical choice for larger images. (reproduction)
  • $6 per running inch of 42" wide 300 gsm 100% cotton woven fire-retardant fabric.
  • $4 per running inch of 24" wide 350 gsm heavy white cotton watercolor paper (while supply lasts). (reproduction)
  • $8 per running inch of 50" wide canvas. This does not have quite the gamut of the watercolor paper, but is often preferred by oil artists. (reproduction)
  • $4 per running inch of 36" clear static cling vinyl. (reproduction)
  • ROLL-END SPECIALS! $2 to $3 per running inch of various photo-grade papers (24" to 36" wide) purchased at bankruptcy auction, while supply lasts. (reproduction)
  • add $2 per running inch for 38" wide UV-protecting semigloss laminate applied, recommended for outdoor use and for the back of backlit film. (reproduction)

Economical Laser Printing

See my publicity collateral page for more info.

Laser prints are made on standard 8.5"x11" or 11"x17" media, with some custom sizes and formats available at additional cost.

To help the environment, I use only high-recycled-content materials whenever possible. Of course, it must meet my quality requirements, including archival lifetime, high brightness, smooth finish, freedom from imperfections, etc. All of these materials meet US GPO recycled paper standard JCP 065.

For high quality laser prints on paper, I use Eastern Paper eCotton paper, which is 100% recycled with 25% cotton content.

For card stock laser prints, I use Eastern Paper Pristine High Yield, 50% recycled from wood product manufacturing waste.

For routine office use and lower quality laser prints, I use Fort James Eureka! 100, 100% recycled from post-consumer waste.

  • 50 cents (paper) or 55 cents (card stock) per side color laser prints, 8.5" x 11", or
  • 5 cents (paper) or 10 cents (card stock) per side black & white laser prints, 8.5" x 11", or
  • $1 (paper) or $1.10 (card stock) per side color laser prints, 11" x 17", or
  • 10 cents (paper) 20 cents (card stock) per side black & white laser prints, 11" x 17".
  • (free duplexing on paper, 5 cents per sheet to duplex card stock)
  • (1 cent per page advertising discount per sheet if you let me add discrete contact info, as appropriate)
  • Folding, scoring, slitting, and perforating: $10 set-up, plus 2 cents per sheet, per pass.


See my scanning page for more info.

  • $1 each 35mm slide or negative raw scans, 130 megabyte, RGB TIFF.
  • BEST! $45 each drum scans, 1.5 gigabyte RGB TIFF.
  • $1 (Mac) or $3 (Windows) per CD-ROM for image delivery.
  • $6 (Mac) or $12 (Windows) per DVD for content delivery over 650 MB.


See my website page for more info.

  • $600 for basic gallery site design, with thumbnail images linked to large images, searching, sorting, keywording, on-line ordering via PayPal, artist-controlled uploading of new images or editing/deletion of old items, more.
  • $12 per month for basic website hosting (text & still images) and email forwarding.
  • $25 one-time setup fee.
  • $25 fee to transfer to another provider within the first year of service.

Book Design & Publishing

See my book publishing page for more info.

  • Photography, scanning, etc. services as above.
  • 100 copies can be done on-site, spiral or Velo bound.
  • Larger quantities are printed and perfect bound or case bound (soft or hard cover) off-site
  • Layout and design for small runs of small books is at my shop rate
  • Competitive rates for larger projects!

Basic Shop Services

  • $60 per hour standard studio rate for other services, including custom photography (35mm, 4" x 5", or digital), website design, graphic design & layout, pre-press, post-press, and finishing work.
  • $30 per hour travel time for on-site work.
  • $1 per each accepted 35mm transparency slide.
  • $8 per each accepted 4"x5" transparency.
  • $5 handling charge for invoices under $25, excluding shipping.
  • Shipping and handling is extra, billed at actual cost.

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