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Publicity Colateral

I provide economical, high-quality color laser prints on paper or card stock for short-run promotional use, such as gallery announcements, brochures, business cards, note cards, etc.

Again, I own the equipment and manage the process, and so can assure better quality and lower cost than if you get your design and master from one source, then take it to a color copy shop for printing.

Color laser is an economical choice for under 500 copies or so, whereas Standard Web Offset Printing (SWOP) is always cheaper for 1,000 copies or more. Color laser is MUCH more economical for 50-200 copies, which is the typical volume needed by most artists, who find 1,000 copies of anything are often out-of-date before they can be used.

A typical piece may require photography, scanning, and layout time, or I can print your PageMaker or PDF file. (Format conversion charges may apply to other file types.)

I can now do automated folding, scoring, slitting, and perforating, perfect if you don't have time to cut and fold a bunch of cards or brochures! (Card stock must be scored before folding, thus it takes two passes through the machine per fold.)

See prices and materials for details.


  • HP 8500 DN color laser printer, up to 12"x18".
  • Baum Ultrafold 714 folder.
  • 24" heat-shrink station.
  • Daige 38" laminator/mounter.
  • Seal Jumbo 150 dry mounter.

To support the environment, I use high-recycled-content media from Eastern Paper.

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