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Fine Art Reproductions

I produce large fine-art giclee reproductions of superb quality and longevity, using pigmented Hexachrome® inks and archival media, independently tested to show no visible changes in over 120 years under typical museum lighting. I also print on a variety of other media, including economical paper, heat-transfer film, glowing backlit film, silky fabrics, and durable banner material.

The Hexachrome six-color process adds orange and green inks to the traditional four color process, and is much brighter than other pigmented ink processes, which typically use only four colors of ink. Even other so-called "six color" printers generally use watered-down cyan and magenta for the fifth and sixth inks, which may produce smoother graduations, but do not expand the color gamut the way Hexachrome inks do.

A typical reproduction requires pre-press work, such as photography, high-resolution scanning, color and contrast adjustment, and graphic design and layout, followed by the actual printing, followed by any desired post-press work, such as cutting, hand-tearing, trimming, laminating, mounting, matting, framing, packaging, labelling, etc. Pre-press time can run from ten minutes to several hours, depending on the quality of the source material and the complexity of the task.

I can simply output your press-ready RGB TIFF files, or I can manage the entire production, from shooting your artwork in my studio or on-site (either via digital camera, or 35mm or 4"x5" film cameras), to film or drum scanning, to careful re-touching, color-correction, and digital manipulation, to output up to 53" wide.

Since I do all the work myself, in-house, on my own equipment, I can assure you of the same consistent quality that I demand for my own work, which has been accepted at major juried exhibitions throughout the Pacific Northwest. See prices and materials for details.


  • Roland FJ-50 giclée printer, pigmented Hexachrome inset, up to 53" media width.
  • Wide variety of giclée media available!
  • HP 8500DN color laser printer, up to 12"x18".
  • Daige 38" laminator.
  • Dahle 558 50" trimmer, with custom edge-light.
  • Seal Jumbo 150 dry mount machine.
  • 24" heat-shrink station.
  • Full woodshop for custom framing.
  • Power Macintosh G5/dual/2.0GHz with 2.5GB RAM, 670GB disk.
  • Apple Cinema HD 23" calibrated flatscreen monitor.
  • Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 200 22" calibrated monitor.
  • Wacom Intuos 12"x12" graphics tablet.
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