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Bytesmiths no longer is involved in software consulting. Maintenance of this web site is currently subsidised by unrelated business activities. Please pass the word to other interested folks, so I can continue to host this page!
  • Bytesmiths Editions -- large, archival, fine-art photography on unusual materials
  • Bytesmiths Press -- artists' services: web design/hosting, jury slides, giclee reproductions, opening announcements, brochures, etc.
  • Champagne Beadworks -- handcrafted jewelry and beadwork
  • Crafted By Carol -- handcrafted jewelry and beadwork
  • EcoReality, an organization devoted to establishing a sustainable ecovillage
  • Ecovillage Newsletter -- Diana Leafe Christian's news of her travels.
  • Gemini Gypsy -- Carole Good-Hanson's fused glass frames
  • Green Chipper -- light forestry and environmental services.
  • Salt Spring Island Society for Community Education -- community education on our island of 10,000.
  • Veggie Van Gogh -- two artists' mobile warehouse and living quarters, petroleum-free!
  • Veggiemog -- life and times of Kelly O'Toole's Unimog, running on biodiesel
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    Bytesmiths Capabilities and Qualifications

    picture of JanJan Steinman began part-time Smalltalk consulting in 1986, and full-time consulting in 1990. He wrote a column titled Managing Objects in The Smalltalk Report, and he speaks internationally at OO conferences.

    The Bytesmiths Toolkit™

    • In 1996 Bytesmiths changed its emphasis from consulting to producing quality tools for teams of Smalltalkers. Consulting is still an important part of their business, but it is no longer the primary focus.

    Bytesmiths and Teams

    • Bytesmiths has been at the forefront of Smalltalk team development strategy for over a decade. As the average size of Smalltalk projects increases from one person to multiple teams totalling a hundred or more, this experience has proven invaluable to their clients.

    Bytesmiths and Telecommunications

    • Bytesmiths has been intensively involved in the rapidly growing field of object-oriented telecommunications monitoring, control and provisioning software. Their hardware background, modelling and communications work, and large-system Smalltalk experience combine well to meet the rigorous demands of this field.

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