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Bytesmiths no longer is involved in software consulting. Maintenance of this web site is currently subsidised by unrelated business activities. Please pass the word to other interested folks, so I can continue to host this page!
  • Bytesmiths Editions -- large, archival, fine-art photography on unusual materials
  • Bytesmiths Press -- artists' services: web design/hosting, jury slides, giclee reproductions, opening announcements, brochures, etc.
  • Champagne Beadworks -- handcrafted jewelry and beadwork
  • Crafted By Carol -- handcrafted jewelry and beadwork
  • EcoReality, an organization devoted to establishing a sustainable ecovillage
  • Ecovillage Newsletter -- Diana Leafe Christian's news of her travels.
  • Gemini Gypsy -- Carole Good-Hanson's fused glass frames
  • Green Chipper -- light forestry and environmental services.
  • Salt Spring Island Society for Community Education -- community education on our island of 10,000.
  • Veggie Van Gogh -- two artists' mobile warehouse and living quarters, petroleum-free!
  • Veggiemog -- life and times of Kelly O'Toole's Unimog, running on biodiesel
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    The Bytesmiths Toolkit™

    During five years of Smalltalk consulting around the world, Bytesmiths built a tightly integrated suite of team VisualWorks productivity enhancements, including in-image hypertext courseware, programming frameworks, development aids, and project management tools. Just a portion of these tools was shown to improve productivity by 8% on one project studied.

    You can go directly to the Quick Tour of the Toolkit or get the big picture below.

    Development Process Management

    Their most exciting work has been in extending ENVY/Developer from a code management system into the realm of project management. The Bytesmiths BugTalker™ is a bug tracking system that enables managers to quickly summarize the state of a project via a graphical, interactive interface. Bugs can be submitted directly from debuggers, with the actual context captured for off-line examination in a real debugger for subsequent diagnosis and repair. An innovative UI guides users through the information-rich bug submission process. Tightly integrated email notifies interested parties of task state changes.

    Enhanced support for peer review is added, with reviewed methods automatically marked as "un-reviewed" upon change. Metrics are gathered on various quality aspects of a module, and are recorded for future comparison. A test framework records test code, benchmarks, and results.

    Finally, the Bytesmiths SmallDoc™ documentation support system (partially described in Managing Objects ) allows developers and the merely curious alike to peruse project documentation and HotDrawings using a general-purpose hypertext facility. "Smart" templates generate derived portions of documentation upon each use, therefore assuring that the mechanical aspects of documentation are never out of date. Documentation is nested via hyper-link; developers can work on the portion of the document that is most concerned with a software component without navigating undue clutter, while a peruser can expand all nestings to see a linearized version of the document.


    Programming frameworks included in the Bytesmiths Toolkit include a fast object serializer/deserializer (5-10 times faster than BOSS), a progress indicating framework, a remote object interface based on TCP/IP sockets, a simple to integrate interactive spelling correction framework, an email interface, reusable views, and more.


    Bytesmiths has enhanced the basic VisualWorks ®/ENVY development environment with improved inspector facilities, enhanced menu extensibility, greater maneuverability among browsers, and more. Carefully implemented system modifications ease the development of custom widgets, and integrate ENVY's hierarchical lists into the VisualWorks GUI builder.


    The Bytesmiths Toolkit is scheduled for release in Q2 1997. Please contact us for further information.

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