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    Task Management and Bug Tracking

    In one project studied, we found that during development, bug tracking was consuming up to 20% of each developer's time, and as much as 50% of the project leader's time. This is clearly unacceptable, and we built a combination task managemnt and bug tracking system that enabled us to re-direct this wasted time back into development tasks.

    Our bug tracking system is tightly integrated with VisualWorks® and ENVY®/Developer. Bugs are typically entered into the system directly from a notifier or debugger, with the problem context optionally captured for off-line debugging. When entered from a debugger, much of the routine information is automatically derived from the problem context.

    Picture of a notifier with an additional 
                                                                                                            'bugsub' button.)

    Notifier with added Bugsub button

    The bug editing form associates user roles with task states, and automatically sends SMTP email to the interested parties whenever the bug state changes. It features an innovative GUI guidance system that disables all illegal fields for any combination of bug state and user, and warps the cursor to the next required field. (This can be invoked at any time by pressing the "Duh?" button.)


    (Picture of a bug editor.)

    A Bug Editor

    The multiple-tasks view, the BugTalker Browser, features switchable user-centered or application-centered views and a graphical selection and query mechanism. The colored bars at the lower left visually indicate the proportional distribution of bugs in three dimensions -- priority, age, and state -- and clicking on those bars cause bugs matching the bar's predicate to be selected. Modifier keys extend the selection via logical "or" or "and", thus offering an ad-hoc query mechanism.

    Bugs are stored in Applications and SubApplications, and are versioned with them, thus offering persistent bug state history at app "freeze" times.

    (BugTalker(TM) Browser)

    BugTalker Browser

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